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Retreats, Playshops, and Happy Hours —
On Your Own or For Your Entire Organization!

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Let's Help You

Find Your Happier Place!

Let's Help Your Organization

Get a Little Happier!

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life or are eager to remove obstacles just to make life more fun and happier, I want to help! Whether you want to attend one of my retreats, attend a Let Your Yoga Dance class or more, I can help you bring not just happiness to your life, but purpose and joy!


The best way to learn about upcoming happy "things" is to sign up for my newsletter - that's where we announce upcoming retreats and more!

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People are seeking the same things at work that they are seeking in life:  a sense of belonging or connection, creativity, and purpose.  Organizations can help their employees find internal optimism and resilience and thrive!

There are simple tools, backed by science and research, that can truly help companies find that missing happiness element and I can help you deliver those tools in fun and unique ways! 

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I love helping women do what they were born to do so they can set the world on fire!

  • Attend one of my retreats. Check out campattagirl.com, my signature retreat to help you find your power, voice, safety and self-love. No more playing small! 

  • Let's bring one of my retreats to your group! Whether a company or organization, I can create a women-empowering retreat virtually or in-person!

  • Get happiness delivered to you. Sign up for my newsletter and you'll hear about the latest research and ways to bring more happiness and meaning into your life.

  • Read my book, "Atta Girl! The Art of Tapping Into Your Power and Moxie and Living Fearlessly Happy (in the middle of a sh*tshow).

  • Listen to my podcast, "Atta Girl!," coming soon.

  • Follow me on Instagram or other social media.

  • Are you a part of a women's group or oversee a women's conference? Partner with me as a speaker or to share a workshop with your attendees.

  • And so much more!

I love helping bring more purpose, meaning, happiness and success to employees and organizations!

  • Bring happiness 101 training, mindfulness programs, strengths-based team building and more to the men and women in your company or organization. 

  • I can create a 2-hour Zoom workshop designed to energize and connect employees, despite social distancing being the norm! I can create a virtual workshop for as few as 5 employees and all the way up to 300+ who may be located all over the country.

  • My workshops tap into creativity, innovative thinking, cross-team collaboration and help your employees members find meaning and purpose in their lives... and bring that purpose to work. And they are fun!

  • Let me help inspire with a keynote, a half or full-day program, lunch-n-learns, initiative kick-offs and more — whatever meets YOUR needs.

  • Let's bring the science of happiness into your culture via  employee resource groups, internal branding and core-value kick-offs and other initiatives. 

  • And so much more!