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Let's help you and your organization flourish and thrive!

Live a happier life by tapping into your
resilience, courage, strength, power, positivity & happiness!
Happiness isn't created by some "thing," some "one," or some "job."
Happiness comes from within.

But we lose our connection to that "happiness element" because of stress, worries,
and our every day obligations. 

The good news is there are proven ways to rediscover that joy.

Whether you're an individual or an organization, we can help you tap back into that happiness element. We can help you embrace transition, find your purpose, and live a happier life — at work, at school, at home.
We have researched and proven ways to help you:

Boost Confidence

Increase Happiness

Strengthen Relationships

Manage Problems

Enhance Health and Overall Wellbeing

Buffer Against, Manage and Overcome Challenges

Reduce Stress

Accomplish Goals

Build Meaning and Purpose​

Let's bring that adventure, magic, and happiness back into your life and your organization.

Let's work together to live your best life!
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Rediscover Happiness, Resilience and Purpose
 at One of Our Retreats —
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for your organization, virtually or in person!
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Let's bring some positivity to your organization! Partner with Lisa as a speaker, panelist or workshop presenter!
Want Happiness You Can Hold in Your Hand?

Read the book:

Atta Girl!
The Art of Tapping Into Your Power and Moxie
And Living Fearlessly Happy
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The heart doesn't lie. If you're an individual, maybe you feel more and more like there's something missing in your life, you're wanting more joy and purpose. If you're an organization or company, perhaps you sense that while your employees are getting the job done, they aren't necessarily happy or engaged.

And especially now, with everything and everyone trying to find their way in the new normal that is COVID-19, you (or your organization) may feel like you just need something to lift your spirits or ways to add more positivity in your life.

I've been there, both as an individual and a corporate executive. I know what it takes to go from making a living to living one's purpose... no matter what challenges you may be facing.

Whether it's for you or your company, I can lead the way with a tailored action plan and techniques that will result in greater satisfaction and happiness in life.

Let's get started!

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water... Happiness.
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Why is our company called The Happiness Element? Everyone knows about the 4 basic elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Many believe these 4 elements are the critical energy forces that bring balance and are essential to life. They are all around and within us. But, we also believe in the all important 5th element: happiness. Happiness is essential to living the good life. And the good news is that just like the other elements, happiness is already all around and within us. We just need to rediscover it. Our passion is helping people and organizations rediscover that 5th element, through researched and proven tools and science-backed applications.
The Happiness Element
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