We have workshops and programs specifically designed to help your educators and students flourish, become more resilient, live with purpose and lead happier lives!
Our customized positivity-based programs help your organization 
achieve its full potential! See below for just a few examples of the programs.
Each one can be designed to fit your organization.
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This is a program or workshop specifically designed for your educators. Participants will gain better self-awareness, focus on their strengths to build resilience and happiness and lead with compassion — for themselves as well as others! 
See below for an example of a full-day retreat. I can also design a half-day programs and one-hour experiential keynotes for meetings,events or as kick-offs to initiatives.
These are interactive seminars or sessions for students that can be held as kick-offs to projects or as part of class retreats.
Or, if you have student-run clubs or organization geared towards kindness, positivity, compassion and similar social well-being goals, I can share tools to help them further their cause.
See below for an example of a full-day program. I can also design a series of one-hour experiential sessions.
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Lisa is excited to be partnering with Ellen Feig Gray, from Parent with Perspective.

Ellen is a parent educator and coach who helps teachers, children and teens navigate the challenges they have in the education world. She is the co-author of the book, Hacking School Culture, Designing Compassionate Classrooms, and is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner with a specialty in developmental psychology and positive education.


Lisa is partnering with Ellen to bring programs, workshops, and retreats to parent groups, teen groups, teachers, schools, organizations and more.


Our mission is to introduce evidence based happiness- and compassion-building tools and practices to every participant, using strengths-based approaches, interactive activities, inspiring and empowering music and movement, positive social connection — and fun!  


If you're an educator, we'd love to partner with you. Reach out and let's bring a program or retreat to your teachers or students!

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