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The Deck...

The deck contains 32 cards, including 24 strength cards and instructions on how to use the deck, both for personal use, for use with your family and friends, or to use with employees and clients. 

  • Details on how to find your strengths

  • Each strength card is color-coded based on its area of virtue: wisdom, courage, temperance, humanity, transcendence and justice.

  • Includes extra cards such as the "Super Hero" card and chart card to use as reference with all the strengths.

  • Each strength includes a rallying superpower "mantra" for you to live by.

  • The deck is colorful and fun while being useful and engaging!


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Finding Your Superpowers!

Tap into Your Top Strengths to Increase Your Happiness Using This Card Deck!

Finding Your Superpowers Card Deck is a unique tool to help you tap into your strengths and create a more positive life at work, at home and at play.

Would you like to become happier? Accomplish goals? Reduce stress? Boost your confidence? Then this positive psychology tool is for you. Whether you want to increase your happiness, pursue an important goal, or just want to learn how you can tap into the best part of you, this deck can help.

Use this deck to focus on your strengths so you can:

  • Increase your happiness at home and work.

  • Improve your relationships.

  • Discover balance with your health.

  • Increase your performance at work and school.

  • Achieve your life goals.​

The deck was created to work as a complementary tool for those working with their character strengths, a 


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Onword & Upword Card Deck

A Tool to Bring Inspiration Into your Life through the Power of Words!

Words inspire. Words give meaning. Words can be uplifting to you and others and can create happiness and a positive life.

Welcome to “Onword & UPword" -- a card deck and positivity tool designed to help you draw inspiration & magic into your life by finding the unique word for you… right now, at this moment. By using this deck daily, you will foster a daily practice of choosing words that will inspire you, help you grow and reach your goals.

This deck is great for individuals seeking motivation and inspiration to make changes in their lives. It's wonderful for families to use to create family goals and values.


It's also great for companies and organizations to use as an ice-breaker or giveaway at meetings, retreats, product launches, board meetings and more! Or use to create happier, more engaged employees in your company or department. Can even be used as a tool to help craft your company's core values!

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The deck contains 36 cards, including 28 word cards, series of "expression" cards and instructions on how to use the deck, both for personal use or to use with employees. 

  • Instructions on how to find and use your words

  • Features bright and fun colors

  • Each card gives motivational ways to "live up to your word" each day

Live up to your word each and every day!

Contact us at to learn more and to order.

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